Lazy Gardening

Gardening is fun, so why make it more work than necessary?

Why Lazy? Because it’s easier! September 10, 2006

I’m an experienced gardener, and a certified Desert Landscaper. I enjoy planning realistic gardens that neither break your budget or suck up all of your time with needless maintenance.  Don’t ask me about cold climates or lawns.  I concentrate on what’s easy and hardy in this desert.

It’s not exactly being lazy, it’s being creatively efficient. I’d rather spend an hour or two finding plants that won’t need constant pampering than spend the next 10 years pampering them.





2 Responses to “Why Lazy? Because it’s easier!”

  1. Queenie Jeannie (PBB) Says:

    I like your kitty cat and all your wonderful posts on Pink Truth!

    Happy “lazy” gardening!

  2. Sara Says:

    You sound just like me and my sister – it’s not lazy..just the most efficient you can be with the minimal amount of effort!

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